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Ioannis Markopoulos


This document provides a quick overview of the project management structure and the most relevant managerial aspects to be followed, based on a proper implementation of the general mechanisms of work and setting the rules and responsibilities of the FIDAL consortium. The objective is to ensure a high-quality progress of the work during the project lifetime.

This includes the production of the deliverables and other project outcomes, the mechanisms for their submission and the internal review process, and which are the communication means among partners (i.e., meetings, mailing lists, project collaborative space).

In this context, the present deliverable aims to fulfil the following main objectives:

  • Establish a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems - Requirements) standard.
  • Assure the quality of the project deliverables and project management activities.
  • Identify the quality responsibilities of all partners within the consortium.
  • Ensure proper co-ordination and communication channels among partners during the project lifetime.
  • Identify the potential risks of the project and evaluate their impact and exposure while proactively designing risk elimination methods in order to guarantee the seamless and proper execution of the project’s tasks.