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Ioannis Markopoulos


The report on Deliverable 1.3 represents the initial version of Data Management Plan (DMP) of FIDAL project. Any occurring further updates in this respect will be provided in the second version of this deliverable, in Month 24 (M24). However, additions and alterations may occur to the data declared in the DMP of FIDAL, during the project duration, based on the actual developments of the technical work. 

This deliverable follows the guidelines for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable) Data Management, set by the European Commission (EC) to submit a first version of the FIDAL project’s DMP within the first 6 months of its lifetime. More specifically, in line with the FAIR Principles, the deliverable provides information for how making the research data collected and/or generated throughout and after the project duration Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable. The DMP is, thus, a key document presenting the data management practices employed by consortium partners, describing -among other- what standards and methodology for data collection and generation will be followed, and whether and how data will be shared. To this end, partners were requested to provide input with respect to the artefacts that they all will produce/provide in the FIDAL project and the level of dissemination (Public/Sensitive).

It is intended that the present DMP is updated over the course of the project, whenever significant changes arise either with respect to the data management practices of individual partners or at project level. Then the final version of this deliverable, which is expected to be delivered by M24, will contain all the information of the data that will be either exchanged or recorded within FIDAL repositories.