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IEEE Explore - EuCNC Conference Proceedings

Publication Date

May 10, 2024


P. Papaioannou, M. Scott, C. Tranoris, Ch. Gizas , J.F. Pajo, O. Grøndalen, H.Lønsethagen


Evolved 5G communication is disrupting the reg[1]ular mobile broadband communication compared to previous generations by providing ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency, and allowing ultra-multi connections with low power consumptions, paving the way to a reality where physical and digital world are interconnected. Project FIDAL aims to explore and demonstrate Beyond 5G technologies through large-scale trials and pilots with the aim to promote architectures that allow multiple experi[1]mentation sites with a multi-stakeholder approach in PPDR and Media. In this paper, the project is presenting examples of current challenges, results and expected outcomes from two of its testbed sites: Univeristy of Patras and Telenor