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  • FIDAL invited to present at the European DIGITAL SME Alliance

    FIDAL PROJECT presented its funding opportunities in the webinar co-organised by the European DIGITAL SME Alliance and FIDAL project partner hashtagPIIU. Very pleased to see that over a 100 participants interested decided to join the event!

    Deadline for submissions is on 30th December at 12PM CET!

  • FIDAL presents at 5G Techritory
    Athens, Greece

    FIDAL was in Athens this month to present  its Open Call Opportunity at the 5G and GovTech conference, organized by the European Digital Innovation Hub for Digital Governance. 

    The event focused on the future potential impacts of emerging disruptive technologies (EDTs) such as 5G/6G, XR, VR, AI/ML on the public sector, businesses, and society.

  • FITCE Hellas Congress
    Athens, Greece

    Project partner Nova was invited to the 2023 FITCE Hellas Congress that took place 28th & 29th of September in Athens, Greece. FIDAL Project was introduced to the audience under the session ''New Technologies - Enablers - Verticals".

  • EUCNC 2023
    Gothenburg, Sweden

    FIDAL was presented in the exhibition area of EUCNC in Gothenburg, Sweden from 6 to 9 June 2023. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness about FIDAL to relevant stakeholders and to introduce the upcoming open call. 

  • FIDAL presented at the PSCE Conference
    Lavrion, Greece

    On 10 May 2023, Ioannis Markopoulos coordinator of FIDAL presented FIDAL and introduced the upcoming open call at the PSCE Conference in Lavrion, Greece. This was a great opportunity to introduce the project to relevant stakeholders (industry, academia, end-users) and experts in public safety communications. The open call already attracted significant interest from participants!

    Berlin, Germany

    Our coordinator Ioannis Markopoulos participated at the 6G Summit in Berlin on 26 April to present some of the work that will be carried out in FIDAL. The 6G Summit brings together global telcos, regulators, industry bodies and distinguished academia to discuss 6G business, policy and technology.

  • FIDAL and many SNS JU projects gathered at the ETSI Research Conference in France. Discussions on standardisation were at the order of the day.
    FIDAL joins the ETSI Conference
    Sophia Antipolis, France

    What a great way to launch the Smart Network and Services Joint Undertakings (SNS JU) with the ETSI Research Conference. Researchers from all around EU presented their projects and discussed potential standardisation roadmaps to maximize the impact of the SNS

  • FIDAL Kickoff Meeting
    Athens, Greece

    Partners from all around Europe gathered today in Athens, Greece, to attend FIDAL project Kickoff Meeting. The event will last 3 days, in which partners will analyse and discuss all key aspects and details of the project.